My likes and dislikes.

My Likes what makes me happy and a good friend.

  1. I like to RPG with my friends.
  2. My friends and respecting my friends :)
  3. Being silly and making my friends laugh.
  4. Making fan fictions and blog posts ( I hope you comment I'll be glad if you did )
  5. Horror movies
  6. Coca Cola
  7. Gangs, the good kind
  8. Wolves and Werewolves
  9. Mice, otters, squirrels, foxes, wolves and hares.
  10. KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) its paw licking good :P

My Dislikes what presses my buttons.

  1. I don't like it when people insulte me or my friends. ( Please don't do that )
  2. I hate it when people ignore me when I leave a message on their talk pages,Blogs or Speeqe ( It is one of the most ways to offende me )
  3. I really dislike it when people offende me by making fun of me,my religion,the way I spell and being called names ect ect ect.
  4. I hate it when people swear. ( Though I have sweared myself at one point )
  5. I truely hate rudeness, bad manners, horried people,people getting on my nerves about stuff or being blamed for something ( Unless if it's in a RPG ) and being called names like cracka,idiot,stupid,moron and anything else that can be hurtfull and offensive to me.
  6. I hate it when people get mad at me for silly things, like I do a private RPG session and a fellow user is given a link, by accident and I have to give them the right link and the user comes back to the link that him/her was on and starts arguing with me, I don't want to argue with my friends, it makes me sad when I fight and argue with my friends.
  7. Satanism, that I hate
  8. Gangs, the trouble making kind.
  9. Remake of classic films
  10. Lousy radio songs.

Stuff I will tolerate

  1. Alcohol, I will tolerate, but if it gets out of hand, I'll be off.
  2. Gangs, the good kind, the bad kind I won't mind, but if trouble starts, I am gone.
  3. War, if its in an RPG or a computer game
  4. Cursing, but if the person keeps it up, I either ban them or leave.
  5. Rap
  6. Hip Hop
  7. Death Metal
  8. Horror movies
  9. Twilight sega movie series (Though it sucks)
  10. Remake of classic films (Depends what film they make a remake of)
  11. People being late/tardiness, but if it happens too much times, I get seriously mad.

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