'The Things I Love most are as follows and I will update when I feel it is necessarry:'

  1. All the friends I've made on Redwall Wiki, Redwall Wars Wiki, and Redwall Fanon Characters Wiki
  2. Messing with Bartholomew Billberry Bowstring
  3. Talking to my friends on the Wiki's
  4. RPGing with my friends
  5. FOOD
  6. Martial arts
  7. Kung-fu
  8. Anime
  9. Japan
  10. MANGA
  11. Naruto
  12. Full Metal Alchemist
  13. Kekaishi
  14. Durarara!!!
  15. Blood+
  16. PIE!^_^
  17. Pudding
  18. Cakes
  19. Candies
  20. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
  21. '''All Kingdom Hearts games
  23. My Sensei, Haru Eyouuji
  24. The Redwall Series
  25. Badgers
  26. Otters
  27. Huskies
  28. Squirrels
  29. Mice
  30. Wolves and Werewolves

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