There is an immensely numerous amount of words that could be used to describe how I feel but I will try to use as many as I possibly can. I had an argument with my own mother on the night of the specified date above. Although I was lucky enough for it to not end with me sustaining any form of physical damage, however I was unlucky for her words had hurt more than any others I have ever heard, her words hurt me in a severely unstable mental and emotional way. She said I was "psychotic" and I fear my deepest suspiscions are true. She said I was the one to blame for most of the damages to her life and her home. This may be true but I am not entirely sure. I fear for my life and well being far too much which is why I don't bother standing up to my (in my own words and a twist from from a Cinderella fairy tale) wicked stepfather. What would you expect from a troubled child who was bullied their entire life?

APRIL, 11TH, 2012

Entry for April, 11th, 2012 HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!

Dear Journal,

Today was amazing despite all the annoyances. Nothing could have possibly made it better; I got to hear my friend’s voice for the very first time. I started to write my story again, it’s got to be publishing material I just know it! My Furmate drew me a picture, it’s adorable! Couldn’t have asked for a better one! Tonight I hugged my Step dad for the first time in years. It felt good, like we had a mutual respect for each other. I want to get better, stop screwing up so much and so badly. It’s hard but some how I know I’ll pull through!

With hopeful determination,


P.S. ID card to arrive soon, my first job is just within reach.

1334189916.drazenvayne my otters b day gift

The Pic he drew.

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