The Cheshire cat is a remade character using Lord Silvereye as a base for The Mad Hare's Wonderland, an RPG i mad on RWW.

About the Cheshire Cat.

Name: Chishire Cat "Chess for short" (Lord Silvereye)

Species: Cheshire Cat (Bengal Tiger)

Gender: Male

Age: 20 Seasons

Weapons: Dual Claymores

Appearance(Including Clothing): Short for his size as he is not yet fully grown yet he is still practically a kitten in other words. He likes to grin and smile a lot and always disappears and reappears whenever he wants to.


He is brave and can although be cryptic at times he is always ready for battle. He loves strategic plans and attacks and can quickly identify what tactics others are using. He is openly witty and likes to speak in riddles most of the time.


He has been lving in Wonderland his whole life and knows a great deal of things. He may prove to be a useful asset in this magnificent place.

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