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Azure TwinstripesCharacter BiosCommander Darkpaw
Crisom TwinstripesDRAK The Dark ElementalDWIN The Wind Elemental
Dante DarkEFIR The Fire ElementalGreater Shadow Cat
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Kingdom Hearts: War For OblivionLATEST NEWS REPORTSLesser Shadow Cat
Lethro WavecresterLord RosethornLord Silvereye
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Rakefur LongfaceRedmight SunstrikeRilon Severclaw Junior
Rilon Severclaw SeniorRosethorn's Brigade CampRoughtide Wavecrester
Rullia WavecresterScylliaSebastian Thurtide
Serpent SwampSilthere LongclawSkipper Wavecrester
Star Fox: Quantum ProgramTHEAR The Earth ElementalTWEAR The Water Elemental
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The Mysterious TowerThe White KingToulouse Frostfang
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Wildcat CaptianWildcat CommanderWildcat Mage
Wildcat SoldierYOHL The Holy ElementalZanna the Fang
Zeilleon Member of the Long Patrol Black-ops Specialist

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